【MMD模型】ままま三妈式改单马尾-双马尾 Costume Arrangement A

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【MMD模型】ままま三妈式改单马尾-双马尾 Costume Arrangement A

原帖转载自 //somefatwhiteguy.deviantart.com/art/Api-Miku-Costume-Arrangement-A-Updated-DL-again-412592117


For all existing users, please download this texture fix as well (Do not download if you already downloaded the .rar from the link above):
Just replace the current .png with this new one.

I didn’t see a Costume Arrangement A in Api style yet, so I figured I would try and make one. The only thing I couldn’t really do was add the little stripe across the collar, because of the way the collar was UV mapped. However, I might be able to add it in a different way some other time. I might also make a ponytail version of this, but only if you guys show interest. If so, say so in the comments or in a PM.
Already fixed and done.

What’s different:
-Changed textures to match the style of Costume Arrangement A
-Removed tie and sleeves (and its associated expressions)
-Set arm size to normal by default
Added english translations to expressions
-Added an expression to remove hairbands
Fixed collar stripe issue! (Thanks Emiria-kun!)

Rules & Restrictions:
Assuming you obey mamama’s original rules & restrictions, you’re free to do whatever else you want with this. Oh, and please credit me if you upload something that uses this. Be sure to credit the other users who created the content used in this edit if you use them, too. That’s all.

Api neko miku: mamama
Poses: 3rinface.deviantart.com/ – DL it here: 3rinface.deviantart.com/art/Po…
Ponytail: mekakurage ==> NND page: www.nicovideo.jp/user/8496926
Bow: roseberi.deviantart.com/
Collar Stripe original texture: emiria-kun.deviantart.com/
MMD Physics & Joints fixes: venus-the-second.deviantart.co…



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